On (my very own individual) Writing

I’m not going to deny it, as of recently, I have been really terrible with keeping a schedule to write. Whether it’s in my journal or creatively, I just can’t do it. Well, ok, I can, but you know. I’ve found it very difficult. And as I admit this, I realize that I’m the worst and just need to do it. I’ve recently submitted a short story to a magazine story contest and, while I’m not expecting anything, it does feel nice just to have something prepared to do such a thing. I have been trying to keep up with new postings for contests and literary journals, but I feel like I should be doing much more to get my writing out there to more people and a faster rate. I know most of you post pieces of work on your blogs and I wasn’t sure if I should be doing this as well. (I have a weird thing against posting my stuff online for all to see, maybe it’s just nerves.) 

So this is a serious question that I serious opinions about. Should I start regularly posting works? Do you find this helps with your acknowledgement but also your writing process as a whole? Are there any other outlets that I should be looking into to get my writing out there to the public in hopes that I can make it a regularly viewed thing? SOS pls. 

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